A Message to Seafarers | Seafarer's Day

published on 26 June 2021 26 -

Found on YouTube. Created by "Andy Laut". Originally published on 2021-06-25.
A message to Seafarers day 2021

There are many reasons why I love my job as a seafarer. Aside from the good wage that helps me support my family and save for my future, I can also travel for free across countries and can meet a lot of people to learn from and enjoy work with. I also have a chance to enhance my editing/vloger skills while enjoying the sail. Although it gets a little sad at times working away from home, I make sure to always take everything positively and stay connected with my loveones at home whenever possible, while building a bond with my companions on board. ⚓🌊

There is a lot to being a seafarer, the challenges are immense – it is tough, lonely, arduous and demanding but what is certain is that there is pride in being a seafarer, and nothing should be able to take that away. ⚓

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Article The Pilot Magazine, Issue 331 by UKMPA

by United Kingdom Maritime Pilots Association - published on 14 December 2021 congratulates the UKMPA on the new design and layout of their new magazine "The Pilot". Really well done!
The Pilot Magazine is the official membership magazine of the United Kingdom Maritime Pilots' Association


Article The 5th new pilot vessel launched for Liverpool

by - published on 15 September 2020

According to Briggs Marine: The PV “FULMAR” of Liverpool, an ORC 136 fast Pilot Craft, has been launched at Goodchild Marine Services Ltd.


Video Harbor pilots disembarking

published on 21 January 2021

harbor pilots disembarking in Hong Kong
container ships - IKARIA and YM Excellence


Article Login, comment function and new logo online

by Frank Diegel - published on 17 February 2020 has launched some new important features: Marine Pilots can register to our website and comment articles and videos now. And take a look at the new logo.


Video SWATH Pilottender Groden, good operational experience under all weather conditions

published on 12 March 2021

The video was recorded by Marine Pilot J. von Krahn (Elbe Pilot, Germany) on 08.10.2018 and is the original video with his permission.
The video is taken from the bulk carrier SEA MOON.


Video Back in time: Massive New Pilot Cutter Build / Ferry Planks - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP17

published on 29 August 2020

Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht – Visiting Luke Powell’s latest Pilot Cutter / Planking a traditional wooden ferry boat. Support; Become a Patron; ----- THIS episode, I visit local boatbuilder Luke Powell and his team, who are building an enormous Pilot Cutter called Pellew, which is a copy of the Vincent, originally built in 1852. Then I head back to Butler & Co’s yard in Penpol, and explain how I fit...


Video Awesome Video: Suez Canal-Egypt (Northbound)

published on 28 October 2021

Many of you saw the last video and we were traveling South through the canal, but this video is from our Northbound transit.
Enjoy the footage and soon I hope to be back to work again. Waiting for the results of my physical exams to clear.


Article Composite Lightspeed® class Pilot Boat for the Biscayne Bay Pilot Association, Miami, Florida

by - published on 21 July 2020

Compmillennia LLC (Washington, North Carolina, U.S.A.) has delivered its Lightspeed® 41 (15.5-meter) Pilothouse catamaran, featuring strong but lightweight all-composite construction with a 42-knots achieved by twin 300-hp V8 Mercury Seapro outboard engines.


Article British maritime partnerships see the delivery of ‘Ouse’, the new pilot vessel delivered to Associated British Ports.

published on 12 August 2021

As a British supplier of driveline and propulsion solutions into the UK market, MIT was delighted to be involved in the 9 million pound investment into the industry by Associated British Ports (ABP) for a fleet of new pilot vessels to be built and supplied by Goodchild Marine Services Limited.


Video Marine Pilot Transfer by Helicopter

published on 2 March 2021

The transfer of Marine Ship’s Pilots by helicopter hoist is a demanding task. These 24/7, severe weather missions require detailed training in all phases of the operations and focus on the “team’s” capabilities is essential in all phases of the operations and focus on the “team’s” capabilities is essential.