A Message to Seafarers | Seafarer's Day

published on 26 June 2021 32 -

Found on YouTube. Created by "Andy Laut". Originally published on 2021-06-25.
A message to Seafarers day 2021

There are many reasons why I love my job as a seafarer. Aside from the good wage that helps me support my family and save for my future, I can also travel for free across countries and can meet a lot of people to learn from and enjoy work with. I also have a chance to enhance my editing/vloger skills while enjoying the sail. Although it gets a little sad at times working away from home, I make sure to always take everything positively and stay connected with my loveones at home whenever possible, while building a bond with my companions on board. ⚓🌊

There is a lot to being a seafarer, the challenges are immense – it is tough, lonely, arduous and demanding but what is certain is that there is pride in being a seafarer, and nothing should be able to take that away. ⚓

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Video Nautik-Training auf der simulierten Brücke

published on 28 October 2020

Bremen, 24.10.14: How to navigate a ship properly? How do you enter which port? Future captains, but also experienced pilots train in the "Ship Handling Simulator" at Bremen University of Applied Sciences.


Article Wärtsilä simulator upgrade will enhance Le Havre pilot operations

by - published on 25 May 2020

The technology group Wärtsilä will supply a complete navigational simulator upgrade for the Le Havre pilot station in France. The intention is to provide the pilot station with a totally new simulator specifically adapted to the requirements of the pilots’ operations. The order with Wärtsilä was placed in February 2020.The new unique visualisation system to be supplied is based on 14 DP projectors, comprising seven main circular and seven ground projection systems. It features a panoramic 350-degree screen.


Video Maiden voyage of HMM Algeciras #5-Yantian-berth

published on 10 June 2020

HMM Algeciras at Yantian (8th May)
See the world’s largest containership (24,000 TEU) departing Yantian with a world record number of TEU’s on board (19,621 TEU). Wishing you ‘fair wind and following seas’ HMM Algeciras, through to Suez (25th May) then beyond to Rotterdam (ETA 3rd June), Hamburg (7th June), Antwerp (11th June) & London Gateway (14th June)


Opinion Piloting and the unstoppable wheel of technology.

by Captain Ricardo Caballero "Themaritimepilot" - published on 25 June 2020

Surely, the new invention also reduced the amount of time and hands (manpower) previously required to perform such a task. Now those idling "extra hands" could dedicate the "extra time" that was made available, to take care of other issues important for the community.


Video UiT Autonomous Ship Program, including recent research activities by Lokukaluge Perera.

published on 30 June 2021

A recorded webinar on the UiT Autonomous Ship Program, including recent research activities by Lokukaluge Prasad Perera. The presentation can be downloaded from :


Article Why pilot movement information is vital for port call optimization

published on 5 May 2022

Accurate and real-time pilot movement information is vital for port communities and their customers, whether you are a ship operator planning an upcoming port call, a terminal operator planning the berth scheduling, or a port agent arranging cargo and husbandry services. By receiving timely updates of scheduled and actual vessel movements at port, this will allow each stakeholder to plan and execute their day-to-day operations accordingly.


Video Next Generation ECDIS

published on 2 November 2020

Next generation of Navigation. This video shows the new technologies put up on Navigation. #ecdis #lifeatsea #seafarer


Video 3D Simulation of a ship collision in Kiel Canal - Munksund cw Balticborg Nov 8 2020 Kiel Canal

published on 19 July 2022

On November the 8th 2020 container feeder vessel Munksund collided with the RoRo cargo vessel Balticborg. The collision occurred, most likely caused by banking conditions, in the eastern section of the Kiel Canal near km 96. This is a combined 2D/3D representation of the collision created with MSG Prospector, MSG Plotter and Google Earth.


Article Safe working with harbour cranes

by American Harbor And Docking Pilots Association - published on 24 August 2022

To minimize the risk of a vessel allision with a terminal gantry crane, the American Harbor and Docking Pilots Association recommends that all terminal operators with gantry cranes adopt the following Best Practices.


Video Maritime Innovation Lab Launch

published on 30 June 2021

The Maritime Innovation Lab serves as a co-creation platform where projects focus on next generation port operations such as vessel traffic management, remote pilotage, and just-in-time port services coordination, as well as maritime autonomous surface ships (MASS) are experimented. In addition, the MIL will also house the maritime data hub to support industry digitalisation efforts and data sharing. Beyond MIL, the MPA Living Lab also supports physical test-beds at sea. The recently...