A Message to Seafarers | Seafarer's Day

published on 26 June 2021 35 -

Found on YouTube. Created by "Andy Laut". Originally published on 2021-06-25.
A message to Seafarers day 2021

There are many reasons why I love my job as a seafarer. Aside from the good wage that helps me support my family and save for my future, I can also travel for free across countries and can meet a lot of people to learn from and enjoy work with. I also have a chance to enhance my editing/vloger skills while enjoying the sail. Although it gets a little sad at times working away from home, I make sure to always take everything positively and stay connected with my loveones at home whenever possible, while building a bond with my companions on board. ⚓🌊

There is a lot to being a seafarer, the challenges are immense – it is tough, lonely, arduous and demanding but what is certain is that there is pride in being a seafarer, and nothing should be able to take that away. ⚓

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More than 90,000 pageviews in 3 months. Thank you!


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