Flinders Ports to upgrade its pilot vessel fleet

published on 25 September 2023 35 -

South Australian ports operator Flinders Ports (FP) has entered into an agreement to purchase three new Pilot Vessels over the next three years, working with premier boat builders, Melbourne-based Hart Marine.

FP General Manager Carl Kavina, who has been working in partnership with Hart Marine Managing Director Mal Hart, said the agreement provided new opportunities for FP, all with sustainability top of mind.

Some of those benefits included improved technology to reduce fuel usage and becoming future-ready for alternative fuel types, as well as fuel cell technologies. This will be achieved through a change in engine and driveline, and in future-proofing the hull design to reduce drag.

FP expected to see a 20 per cent improvement in fuel efficiency, which is expected to see a carbon reduction that will equate to 43 tCO2 per vessel per year.

Further innovation will include data insights into the operation of the engine and driveline, allowing for real-time exchange of vessel performance and consumption data.

Along with sustainability improvements and being able to harness the latest GPS technology and other advancements, FP is also working with Hart Marine to improve safety measures, which include a Hart Marine-certified self-righting capability, and a change in Pilot Vessel size which provides FP pilots and crew with additional room on the outer deck for pilot transfers and coxswain activities.

Similarly, the larger size vessel, with its longer hull design (17.3 metres compared to 15.3 metres) will allow for fuel cell technology to be retrofitted, leading to zero-emissions technology as the industry matures.

The new Volvo Penta engines will also allow for the introduction of biofuels. Once the best mix or product has been determined and is available for use, FP hopes to see a potential carbon reduction of up to 90 per cent.
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This video shows the fantastic possibilities of virtual reality technology. Wonderful demo by Ports of Auckland. In respect for doing this amazing experiment. If somebody knows more about this or other interesting similar projects please leave a comment below and help us to complete information about virtual reality...


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