Safehaven Marine To Build Third Pilot Vessel for Port of Cork

published on 3 February 2023 47 -

The Port of Cork company has ordered a new pilot vessel from boat builders, Safehaven Marine based in Youghal.

The new vessel is expected to be delivered in March 2024, and will be both designed and manufactured in Co Cork by the company.

Safehaven Marine also built the port’s current vessels, Glean Mór (2005) and Fáilte (2011).

The new “all-weather capable” pilot vessel will be more economical than its predecessors and will be powered by modern, highly efficient engines that reduce fuel usage, the Port of Cork company says.

It will be capable of operating on hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO), a type of biofuel that reduces emissions.

“The new pilot launch will have the latest technology that improves performance, economy and functionality - helping in turn to ensure the safety of our pilots and crew who often face inhospitable marine conditions as part of their daily routine,” Port of Cork company chief executive Eoin McGettigan said.

“We are also proud to be continuing our commitment to investing in more sustainable and economical equipment as part of our journey to a net zero future,”he said.

Safehaven Marine managing director Frank Kowalski recalled that his company first signed a contract with the Port of Cork for the Glean Mór in 2005.

He said it was the first pilot boat that the company ever built, having specialised in work boats previously.

“Today, some 18 years later, Safehaven is delighted to have signed contracts again with the Port of Cork to build a third pilot boat for the port, which will be our 60th pilot boat delivered globally,” he said.

The new pilot launch will have an overall length of 15 metres, and will accommodate seven pilots and crew during pilotage operations at a speed of 25kts.

It will be fitted with the latest navigation equipment and finished to the highest standards, ensuring the crew and pilot's comfort and safety, the company said.

Safehaven Marine was established in 1998 and currently employs 30 staff. The company has built over 150 commercial vessels, operating in over 30 different countries worldwide.
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