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AMPI Ports and Pilotage Conference 2023 - Maximising Situational Awareness

For 25 years AMPI has been the place where leading industry thinkers and practitioners share, challenge, develop and nurture ideas relating to Marine Pilotage. Our next 2023 conference follows the continuation of the themes established in NZMPA Auckland 2022 / AMPI Sydney 2019.


AMPI Conference 2023

AMPI will hold their first national conference in Galway on October 3rd 2023.


ISPO Conference 2023

The ISPO Conference 2023 will be held on October 11th and 12th in Amsterdam.


Navtech Conference 2023

Attention deep water and ocean towing masters, pilots, fleet management administrators, regulators and navigation operations professionals!


XXVI IMPA Congress 2024, Rotterdam

Registration is now open for the XXVI IMPA Congress, taking place in Rotterdam from 21 to 26 April 2024.